Projetos de Investigação

Projeto POCI-01-0247-FEDER-072237

Nome do projeto: GermIrrad .: Automated Germicidal Irradiation System

Data de aprovação: 23-11-2020

Data de Início: 31-12-2020

GermIrrad – Automated Germicidal Irradiation System

The goal of GermIrrad is to research and develop an automated and multipurpose solution for disinfection of public spaces and public transportation vehicles. The system to be developed will be safe to cohabitate with human life, allowing for more regular high-efficiency disinfection procedures of high-traffic locations. The system will inactivate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.
The system to be developed will make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize the disinfection operation towards the environmental conditions (e.g. presence or absence of people) and usage of public space, prioritizing areas of higher traffic and more frequently touched surfaces. Additive Manufacturing (AM) with high performance polymers and reinforced polymer composites will be used to manufacture the developed system, as to guarantee the economic feasibility and competitiveness when manufacturing short runs, to allow for customized solutions and to optimize the structural design of the various sub-systems.
This project fits well with the growth strategy of the project leader Spinner Dynamics, which aims to develop a family of products from the outcome of GermIrrad with high value added and ability to fully customize to each client requirements. The use of newer fabrication techniques, such as additive manufacturing of high-performance polymer composites components, will enable an efficient product tailor made for each application, a very fast development time and cost effective for small and medium production runs.